Through investments made over the past several years, the Blue Estate group has built up a portfolio of about 30 properties. In addition to the management of these properties on a long and short-term rental basis with services, the Blue Estate group continues to develop its activities, notably with renovation and real estate development.

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Beginning of the adventure

In 2018, Florian Traudich succeeded his grandfather and took over the management of the YB Holding, owner of a portfolio of properties acquired over the years by the family. Eager to bring them to life, he came up with the idea of creating a story: the Blue Estate agency.

Foundation of Blue Estate Agency

Bringing heritage properties back to life by offering them high quality renovations and managing them on a long or short term rental with 5* hotel services. Beyond a simple rental, the goal is to make people discover exceptional destinations and to share new experiences.

Establishment of the real estate development and brokerage division

With a strong desire to create or improve existing assets, the Blue Estate team decided to create the Blue Estate Invest division, which is designed to develop the business through investment, real estate development and brokerage. Each construction or renovation project is thoroughly thought out, carefully designed and fully monitored by the Blue Estate teams, in order to optimise its potential and make it a prestigious property.

Opening the Blue Estate Agency division to external assets

Blue Estate Agency expands its collection by integrating external properties to the Group that meet its quality standards.


The group continues to invest in rental and tourism properties and is opening up to new international markets.

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Blue Estate's role is to guide you through your real estate investment project with precision and safety. We accompany you from the preliminary project to the management of the property. We will guide you in making the most appropriate choices in terms of optimisation for your investment project, taking into account tax and asset issues. Blue Estate has a rental management division that advises you to optimise your second home rental incomes.

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As part of its activities, Blue Estate develops high-end real estate projects in prestigious destinations. Thanks to our experience in luxury rentals, our properties are perfectly designed and optimised for leisure while offering strong rental potential. With its solid regional base, Blue Estate aims to build properties that perfectly match with the local architecture.

We are aware of the environmental issues and place great importance on the energy performance of our properties. In order to contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint, Blue Estate favours local suppliers and sustainable materials.

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Houses restoration

Enhancing the value of existing assets by "warming up cold beds" is the objective that Blue Estate sets itself through its brokerage activity. In each project, the spaces are rethought and reworked to optimise the potential of the property for rental. From renovation to furnishing and decoration, the Blue Estate team takes care of the entire project.

Family and/or friends

Property management

At Blue Estate, we manage your property's short-term rentals by creating tailor-made stays. Thanks to our internal concierge division, we can customize guests' stays according to their desires. Close to the world of hospitality, the Blue Estate team will accompany you and set up 5* hotel services for your property: butler, chef, housekeeper, etc. All year long, we take care of your property through our property management service, relieving you of all constraints.   

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